The Power Probe III is an excellent tool that can save you lots of time when you’re doing electrical tasks on a car. Diagnosing can be completed in just five minutes using this tool. If you take the ordinary route using jumper wires and a digital multi meter it can take almost half an hour. You can also find short circuits without tearing the car apart, find ground issues in seconds and discover malfunctioning fuse boxes in less than a minute.

Power Probe III

This handy tester kit comes with a very sturdy molded case for safe keeping. It’s compact and easy to be put almost anywhere. It features test light, volt meter, short circuit indicator, built-in flashlight, three level continuity tester, component/relay tester and bad ground indicator. It is able to find bad ground contacts in seconds so you can easily locate where the short circuit is. With the audio tone indicator you can easily use the menu to identify the problems without looking at the device. You can assign different tone to each menu as you pleased.

Using this tester is very easy. If you want to know the polarity and voltage level of your car battery all you need to do is attach the clip to your car’s battery. You don’t need a volt meter to do it no change the clip between battery poles. To test the electrical components in your car you just need to flip the power switch. This tool is also protected from short circuit so one less thing for you to worry about. It also means you don’t have to sacrifice your fuses stock.

In summary the Power Probe III has five diagnostic modes.
1. Power Probe Mode; Shows the average circuit voltage level
2. Positive Peak Mode; Measures the highest voltage
3. Negative Peak Mode; Measures the lowest voltage of a circuit
4. Peak to Peak Mode; Measures the highest difference between negative and positive voltage of a circuit
5. Threshold Level Setting Mode; Used for signal monitoring and peak to peak detection

Another useful touch is the cord. Car technician will be glad with its 40-feet long cords. It makes checking every inch of the car (in, out and under) a lot easier.

One word of caution. The Power Probe III is designed to be used with 12-24 volt electrical systems. That means you should not and can not use it with the 110 or 220 volt electrical at home!