If you’re looking for a full-sized truck with a fantastic mix of power and class, then the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 is right for you. Starting at just over $22,000, the Dodge Ram offers quite a bit of power and an impressive set of features.

The Dodge Ram engine is a 5.7 liter HEMI V8 and you’ll definitely notice the difference this makes when accelerating. As a gas saving feature the engine is built with a multi-displacement system which initiates engine cylinders only when they are needed for the workload, otherwise it keeps them at a state of rest. In addition, the variable cam timing endows the truck with the maximum amount of torque for power efficiency. This state of the art HEMI engine offers an impressive 390 horsepower.

One prime example of the Ram’s power is its great towing capacity. The Ram comes with trailer sway control as well an electronic range select, which makes it one of the most stable and powerful towing vehicles on the market today. You’ll also be pleased to find that dangling wires are a thing of the past, for the new Ram improves upon this design with its fully integrated hitch.

The interior features of the Ram really do live up to those found under the hood. Inside you’ll find heated rear seats and spacious storage compartments, as well as aesthetically appealing chrome trimming. Many of the best amenities of the Ram’s interior are practical and intended to make life easier. For example, to make navigating the radio painless and less distracting Dodge has imbued it with a convenient touch screen menu. There are also numerous well-designed cup holders throughout the cab, and every seat is fully adjustable horizontally and front-to-back.

Dodge knows that its Ram has long been a favorite for hard working laborers, such as contractors and landscapers. The all-new Dodge Ram takes all of the features that appealed to consumers in the past and greatly improves upon them. This is the same Dodge Ram that you fell in love with before, only taken to a whole new level.